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Home Page Products Supplements Probiotics, Enzymes and Fiber Supplements In Balance Sunfiber - Dietary Fiber 180g Sangreen
Code: 005130

In Balance Sunfiber - Dietary Fiber 180g Sangreen

24,95 €
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There’s no thrill when indigestion is real!

Indigestion bothers you? There is a big chance that you are lacking ''good bacteria'', from now Sangreen prebiotic fiber are there to help you.

Probiotics are ''good bacteria'', also known as beneficial bacteria are there to establish intestinal balance, while prebiotics are indigestible fiber that feed those good bacteria in your gut maximizing their impact. 

Sangreen In Balance Sunfiber are organic probiotic fibre that contribute normal intestinal function. It is very easy to consume this powdered gluten free dietary supplement due to its neutral flavour.

This product is made from partially hydrolized organic guar gum which is entirely free from allergens and GMOs. Guar gum is a water soluble type of fiber with positive gut effects.

How does it work?

Sunfibre contains prebiotics which feed ''good bacteria'' in our body in the same time eliminating harmful substances. They are very important for normal microflora function. 

Sunfiber is beneficial for both constipation and diarrhea and may accelerate bowel movement. During constipation, fiber increase water volume making stool softer while during diarrhea they do exact opposite by tying water in bowels.

Prebiotics are very important especially when using antibiotics.

Natural Sunfiber is excellent dietary supplement able to:

  • contribute normal intestinal function
  • be beneficial for constipation and diarrhea
  • decrease flatulence and stomach pain
  • strengthen minerals absorption

This product is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for its effectiveness for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and children's constipation.

Sunfiber powder possesses halal and kosher certificate, and is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Add In Balance Sunfiber to your porridge, smoothies or even soups and delicious desserts. This soluble powder will not alter flavour, aroma nor colour of prepared dish. 

Suggested use:

Adults and children aged 12 years and above: 6 to 10 grams daily (3 to 5 measures)

Children between 7 and 11 years of age: 3 to 6 grams daily (1,5 to 3 measures)

Vigorously stir recommended daily dose in 200ml of water, juice or any other liquid (which is not carbonated). 

Drink before or during meal. It is recommended to use this product every day around same time.


Sunfiber® partially hydrolized guar gum, soluble prebiotic dietary fiber powder from guar bean seed (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba)


Keep out of the reach of children. 

Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

Recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.  

Product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Storage instructions:

Store in a dry and dark place at temperature below 25°C. Once opened use within 3 months.

Expiry date:

Indicated on the packaging.

Distributed by:

MANAT, Frana Bulića 2, Karlovac, Croatia

Country of origin: Canada
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