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Home Page Healthy Corner Ayurvedic diet preserves health

Ayurvedic diet preserves health

Without proper nutrition, medicine is effectless.

The Ayurvedic principle of diet includes a rich selection of spices that have a beneficial effect on the digestive process.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian method of healing that provides natural pathways to health. Instead of guessing which foods and supplements are good for you, there are simple and clear instructions about the Ayurvedic diet. The benefits of following this diet are reflected in your body and mind. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine has a completely different approach to combining foods with the Race (the original taste of the food) and Vipaka (the taste of the food after digestion) being taken into account.

Ayurveda claims that we should choose food depending on our body type meaning that each taste has a different effect on our health.

Plava knjiga danvantari ajurveda.

Ayurveda perceives three body types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each type has special characteristics, and it is up to you to recognize your body type.


These people have wider hips and shoulders, thick wavy hair and good fitness. They learn slowly but remember well. They are very loyal, stable and reliable. In interpersonal relationships, they are the ones who support others. 

These individuals have a tendency to sinus congestion, poor circulation and slowed digestive function, which can easily lead to obesity. To relieve sinus congestion, they can increase garlic intake. Avoid cold drinks and frozen foods, especially desserts (ice cream). You should also avoid sugar and salt.

Reduce portions of food, especially in the evening. Of the vegetables, green leafy vegetables, artichokes, potatoes, carrots, beets, chicory and eggplant suit you best. As for seeds, consume sunflower and sesame seeds. You can use all the spices but avoid salt. Reduce your intake of meat, especially red meat, and milk and dairy products.


These people have pronounced muscles, good circulation and are of medium build. They are prone to premature greying or balding. They have high energy levels and fast metabolism, which is why they can eat almost anything. They are intelligent, focused and ambitious. They are passionate, perfectionists and easily get upset.

These people may have problems feeling angry. They often suffer from inflammatory conditions. They are prone to indigestion, stomach acid problems or diarrhoea. They should avoid spicy spices, alcohol, coffee, vinegar and acids, foods that are often their favourite. They should include sweet and juicy fruits, such as mango or watermelon, in their diet. They should also eat vegetables that contain a high percentage of water such as cucumbers, kale or lettuce.


These are skinny people who often have problems gaining weight. They are cold most of the time, have dry skin and hair, and a small percentage of muscle mass. They learn fast but forget even faster. They enjoy change and are very creative. They are exciting and enthusiastic, but they get easily upset.

They most often suffer from a slowed digestive system, constipation and bloating. They get sick easily during the fall and winter. They often suffer from chronic fatigue or insomnia. These people should avoid dry foods, fizzy drinks and raw vegetables. The perfect diet Vata person is based on hot and southern dishes. For them, cooked vegetables, cereals and warm milk are great.

Nutrigold organski čaj čayurveda mix u prozirnoj plastičnoj ambalaži od 60 grama.

In addition to choosing a diet depending on body type, Ayurveda has some universal rules that a person should follow. This traditional Indian method of treatment with the main principle “Food is our medicine and cuisine a pharmacy” has a list of several food combinations that should be avoided. For example, fruit is not good to combine with other types of food. Milk, on the other hand, is not suitable in combination with bananas or sour fruit, and heat-treated honey for Ayurveda is very bad, sometimes referred to as toxic. They recommend drinking warm water during meals, and a piece of fresh ginger or squeezed lemon before a meal helps digestion. In addition to the rules of combining, they believe in spices that especially help digestion. It is so good to season apples with cinnamon, tomatoes with lime and cumin, legumes with black pepper, salt or chilli powder, and lettuce with olive oil and lemon.

The most important thing about the Ayurvedic diet is to listen to your body. Above mentioned rules and guidance will definitely help you.

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