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Home Page Healthy Corner Find out why you should serve yourself spelt grits every morning

Find out why you should serve yourself spelt grits every morning

The spelt grits can be finely ground and sifted, retaining valuable ingredients

Breakfast for the whole family!

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05. svibanj 2021.

Although there are various types of grits available, the most often used one is the one made from wheat. We would like to take this opportunity to present you with one ingredient that is often neglected and as such unknown for many people - spelt. 

Spelt grits (also known as semolina) is a multifunctional ingredient of extraordinary properties. Even though it wouldn't be fair to say that is forgotten, spelt is definitely a grain that should be used much more than it is. It mainly holds long-acquired positions in the baby food empire. The term grits or semolina came from the German name for coarsely ground cereals, primarily wheat.

Every day is a chance to include spelt into your diet and give it the attention that deserves

Dumplings, gnocchi and similar foods are some of the most prepared delicacies made from spelt grits, but before we move on, let's find out more about this relatively new type of grits. 

Spelt is a nutritious cereal whose gluten is more easily digested than other forms of wheat and many people with wheat intolerances have been able to tolerate spelt. It is an incredibly nutritious grain that is high in vitamins of B complex and vitamin E. Some of the key features of spelt lie in its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. 
Spelt is recommended from the beginning of baby weaning, which testifies to its nutritional value but also the mild effect it has on your body. Prepare mashed grits in milk or in compote water, add a little fruit, maybe a little cinnamon, honey or some other spice and a delicious meal for your kids is ready.

Pir griz u plastičnoj prozirnoj ambalaži od 500 grama

The spelt grits can be finely ground and sifted, retaining valuable ingredients

In case if you want to prepare dessert, spelt offers endless possibilities and it's entirely up to you to choose desired one and enjoy a healthy, simple and quick meal!
Spelt grits will saturate and invigorate you, offering a delicious option for breakfast or dinner. If you want a light lunch, cook grits, add a little olive oil and cooked vegetables to it.

With the ability to strengthen the immune system, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory effects, spelt is also a natural source of copper, zinc, manganese and iron. Since it contains anti-inflammatory substances such as complex carbohydrates, polysaccharides and valuable amino acids, spelt may also reduce the risk of developing diabetes. This is because whole grain spelt has a lower glycemic index due to its complex carbohydrates and fibre. Glucose is released much more slowly into the bloodstream, thus regulating blood sugar levels. A lower glycemic index prevents insulin resistance and the development of diabetes.

It is an excellent addition to desserts, porridges, desserts, and as an addition to soups and stews.

While your spelt is cooking on the stove, browse through our healthy newspapers... our NEWSLETTER!

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