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Home Page Healthy Corner Natural Cosmetics 3 reasons why you should be using Himalayan salt bath

3 reasons why you should be using Himalayan salt bath

Read on to find out its benefits and how to get started using Himalayan salt baths.

Performs like an antioxidant and eliminates free radicals!

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12. listopad 2021.

More expensive than ''table'' salt, but still much cheaper than all sorts of available preparations on the market that offer fewer health benefits. When put in the cost-benefit perspective, you will want to add Himalayan salt to your daily rituals straight away... and add it to your bath and observe the beneficial effect on your organism!

Nutrigold krupna himalajska sol u prozirnoj plastičnoj amabalaži od 1kg.

Himalayan salt is the purest salt on Earth!

With perfectly crystalized texture including up to 84 different minerals and trace elements in the same proportion as in our body, highly rejuvenating Himalayan salt helps the body and nervous system to achieve balance. 

Due to the abundance of natural ingredients that graciously affect the whole body, this salt is also known as a ''salt of the kings''.

Having in mind all the positive effects for the body, it is good to know the benefits of Himalayan salt when used on the skin in a form of natural cosmetics. 

Himalayan salt baths are recommended for various skin ailments. Taking a bath using Himalayan salts is simple and customisable. As the water fills the bathtub, add 200g of salt so it dissolves in the moving water. Make sure the salt dissolves completely and evenly throughout the bath. You might need to stir the water a little before all the salt is broken up, especially on the bottom of the tub. Rest in the water at least twice a week to get the full results. 
Furthermore, for treating athlete's foot and heavy, tired feet combine 3 litres of water and 150g of Himalayan salt and soak your feet for half an hour. 

3 reasons why you should be using Himalayan salt bath!


If you are experiencing troubles with having good night sleep, you should try pink baths.  It is known that bathing in warm water for 10 minutes can reduce fatigue, stress, and pain and increase feelings of contentment and emotional health.

Since the body temperature naturally drops (starts two hours before bedtime), resting in a hot tub causes the body temperature to rise. This immediately leads to a quick cooling that serves to relax and prepare your body for sleep.

You can also add essential oil to your bath. The calming scent of lavender will relax you even more?


Have you ever experienced a trembling sensation in your legs, numbness of your limbs or that unpleasant chilliness in your body?

If yes, then all signs lead to only one cause, and that is - poor circulation. When these symptoms arose, a warm Himalayan salt bath can be something that you are looking for. It will stimulate the dilation of your arteries and blood vessels, giving more room for blood flow.


Every day we are exposed to countless toxins. They can be found in food, air, water, household products and even in our personal hygiene. It is estimated that we come in contact with anywhere between 700,000 and 2.1 million different toxic chemicals daily!

When we dip ourselves into the Himalayan salt bath, we will make sure that some of those nasty toxins are eliminated from our system.

Sapunod himalajske soli

On the outside of your body, Himalayan salt restores the skin's cells by removing dead ones and absorbing them into the layer of your skin as a protective shield. As it heals the body within, outside salt disinfects wounds, even tiny cracks in the skins. This makes skin softer while reducing ageing spots and scars.

Svijećnjak od himalajske soli za dvije lučice

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