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Home Page Healthy Corner Superfoods Beetroot powder is incredibly nutrient-dense source of iron

Beetroot powder is incredibly nutrient-dense source of iron

Excellent source of folic acid and antioxidants that protect the organism from premature ageing.

Excellent source of folic acid and antioxidants that protect the organism from premature ageing.

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29. december 2020.

Beetroot is a vegetable whose origin dates back to ancient times. The earliest forms of civilization used it in the Mediterranean region 4000 years ago, from where they were moved to Babilon. Since the 9th century, beetroot in any shape and form became an indispensable ingredient of Chinese tradition and culture. 

Although it may be consumed in all shapes and forms, beetroot is most commonly pickled and added to soups and salad dishes. It is an incredibly nutrient-dense food containing a wealth of beneficial properties for your health. These properties are derived from the various vitamins and minerals that beetroot contains. Some of them are carotenoids, dietary fibre, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus.

Beetroot fibre helps reduce cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol called HDL and is very good for liver health since it stimulates it and helps it function normally. Due to beta carotene which is a type of vitamin A, beetroot helps prevent eye diseases, especially those that occur with age, and flavonoids and vitamin C in beetroot help strengthen capillaries and prevent them from cracking and swelling. It also contains a large amount of carbohydrates which are the fuel that our body needs for functioning. Beetroot can raise the energy level and make a person more prepared for a long day. Because beets are so rich in iron, beetroot powder can be consumed in anaemia

As a great source of protein, beetroot has the ability to contribute to muscle growth making it a great food for a healthy and balanced diet. Antioxidants present in the beetroot prevent the accumulation of deposits in the arteries. Consumption of beetroot juice or powder has been shown to help regulate blood pressure.

Beetroot powder is obtained from the dried root, and one teaspoon is equal to the whole beetroot. By composition, beetroot powder contains 1/10 of sugar and is often used in industry instead of sugar cane sugar. Start cooking with beetroot powder and create a diverse range of sweet, tasty and nutritious smoothies, cakes, sauces, pasta and more.

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