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Home Page Healthy Corner Superfoods Ionic colloidal silver - what's true and what's not

Ionic colloidal silver - what's true and what's not

what are the reasons for its increasing popularity?

It can be taken orally and externally.

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17. february 2021.

At a time when the plague was raging around the world, it was observed that people, who kept drinking water in silver vessels, were incomparably less at risk of contracting the plague. Furthermore, it was found that silverware and silver cutlery, as a frequent decoration of noblemen's tables, also represented an excellent defence against, at that time, frequent infections of the digestive tract. 

Many years later, studies confirmed that silver is the strongest known antiseptic, which also has antibiotic properties. Numerous studies have shown that all pathogenic organisms, including those resistant to antibiotics, cannot survive in the presence of colloidal silver for more than six minutes ... and after a series of these data, it is no wonder that colloidal silver has become extremely popular in recent years!

Ionic silver is known for stopping bleeding very quickly, and its presence destroys microbes that could cause infection. It does not cause a burning sensation in contact with the wound but has a mild anaesthetic effect. Wounds heal faster and most often without scarring. In addition to its unpleasant appearance, herpes is quite painful and long-lasting. With the application of ionic silver at the first signs of formation, blisters and sores will not even develop. If blisters and sores have already appeared, ionic silver will also help: its antiviral action will not allow further development of the virus and will accelerate healing.

Tingling in the mouth and sore throat can occur for several reasons. These are most often viral or bacterial infections, but may also be allergic reactions. Ionic silver can reduce the symptoms of allergic laryngitis, but its primary purpose is to destroy microorganisms. The solution should be gargled in the mouth for a few minutes, then spit out. The procedure can be repeated several times a day.

Colloidal silver will soften the hardened skin of the feet, remove fungus, help with blisters and pressure, cleanse and beautify the complexion, recover the scalp and hair quality. It can also suppress excessive sweating of the feet or use it as a deodorant. We can also use it as a remedy to soothe itching after an insect bite or after shaving and waxing. Within 6 minutes it will destroy all the poisons that have been sprayed on fruits and vegetables. It can be used orally, through the nose, by inhalation and applied externally on the skin.

When used orally, the liquid from the original packaging should be poured into the prepared dose, and from there into the mouth, preferably without touching the lips. It is recommended to keep the liquid in the mouth for 1-3 minutes so that the liquid has free access to the area under the tongue. After holding in the mouth, the liquid can be swallowed. In purulent inflammation of the oral cavity, spit out the liquid after the treatment.

When treating unwanted conditions of the nasal cavity and sinuses with a suitable spray or dropper, inject colloidal silver through the nose several times a day, and when treating the lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi, lungs) with a spray 3-4 times to create a mist in front of the mouth and take a deep breath.

For external applications, ionic silver should be applied by rubbing with a ball of cotton wool or gauze, applying moist dressings/bandages or spraying on the desired surface. Compresses are formed by pouring the liquid from the original packaging into a container for consumption, and from there onto a suitable material. Before applying the solution, the skin should be washed of sweat and dried.

At the beginning of taking ionic-colloidal silver, the so-called Herxheimer's reaction can happen. The symptoms are similar to those of the flu or virus: runny nose, increased sweating, malaise, and even diarrhoea. This is a normal reaction when the body breaks down dead microbes and tries to excrete the toxins produced. All available excretion pathways are used, including secondary ones - skin, mucous membranes of respiratory organs and intestines. In such cases, fluid intake should be increased to accelerate the process of detoxification and excretion of waste products. The amount of ionic-colloidal silver intake can be temporarily reduced.

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